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Sublimation Transfer Prints

Turning Design into Form, Swift and Easy

- Sublimation transfer printing is a method that uses a dye vaporized by heat to transfer a design onto white (typically polyester) cloth
- This method has been used widely in recent years for a range of product applications, from sportswear and workwear to luxury articles
- Because our process does not use printing plates, we can accommodate small lots and short delivery times
- We boast the highest number of specialized printers in Japan, and are available to help with data creation


1. Edit designs

2. Print out a transfer paper

3. Transfer with the heating

4. Peel off a transfer paper

5. Inspection for a quality check

6. Sewn products


The dye is imbued into the textile so there is no peeling or fading

Let us know if you're considering using our Sublimation transfer prints.
We will test the technology using your materials to ensure ours is the right one for you.