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EXCALE - Concept

Excale layers elevate the performance of apparel

Excale is developed to add a layer of functionality to apparels. It is used for “expression/indication” in the field of athletics, workwear, and the automobile industry.

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each of the small, thin horny or bony plates protecting the skin of
fish and reptiles, typically overlapping one another.

The scales that protect fish and reptiles have a variety of functions.
Mostly, the scale protects the body, makes the movement more efficient, and threaten its predators.

Armadillos developed their scales to protect their soft bodies from attacks and shocks.

Shark skin may seem smooth but it is covered by scales with protrusions and V shaped grooves.
These scales keep currents smooth and allows sharks to swim fast.

When enemies approach, Porcupine fish expand their thorns.
These thorns are also scales. They are used to threaten its approaching predators.

As we can see, all scales were developed to adjust to the surrounding environment.
Excale was inspired by the unique properties and forms of these scales.

Inspiration Inspiration
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