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Area of Use

Possibilities (indication to function)

Heat transfer printing can be used on a wide range of products from garments to automobiles, for a wide range of purposes. Heat transfer printing can add not only messages, designs, or indicators, but also functionality to a product. As we continue to improve our printing techniques, we are developing these functional labels to open new possibilities for heat transfer printing.


Brand Logos

Our labels for brand logos have been adopted for use as uniform emblems by most professional football teams in Japan since the launch of the J-League. Brand images are protected by our proprietary security features.

Naming & Numbering

Our labels for naming and numbering uniforms have been adopted not only by professional football teams in Japan, but also by the Japan national football team since 2002. Our marking method preserves the design and function of the uniforms.


Heat transfer provides clear indication on the inside of a garment with comfortable tag-free labeling. Our labels were adopted for all underwear sold domestically by a major Japanese lifestyle brand.

Outdoor Wear

Our marking technology has also been adopted for the newest outdoor wear using eco-friendly materials like PFC free or C6 processed fabric. Although it is challenging to stick logos on these types of fabric, our original bonding technology makes it possible.

Make sure your brand sticks on DWR
(Durable-Water-Repellent) fabric.


Our automobile sunvisor caution label has a more than 80% domestic market share. Our top bonding technology enables labels to endure a wide range of temperatures, from -30 to 80 degrees Celsius, and other harsh conditions over a long period of time.


Our labels were adopted for workwear in the 1990s by a major airline in Japan. They endure harsh environments well, and have great durability to the high-temperature washing necessary for oil stain removal.


By using glass beads and appropriate ink, very high luminescence can be realized with heat transfer. Brightness is essential for safety. Our retroreflective labels have been adopted for use on fire fighting and police uniforms.

Functional Labels

Our new “Excale” series can add different kinds of functions to garments by using a specially processed resin layer. Our “Slick” (low friction) labels and “Tough” (high durability) labels are the first in the series. Aiming to keep wearers’ performance high through the heat, “Cool” labels are developed via three methods.

Excale layers elevate your apparel's performance.