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Ordering Process

Ordering Process

In recent years, we have often been consulted by clients during the planning stages of a new product. We can discuss what sort of functionality can be added to your product via our labels, even what kind of designs would enhance your brand image. As heat transfer label professionals, we accompany you through the whole process. To ensure our clients’ needs are fully met, we go through the entire PDCA cycle carefully, beginning with trial production and testing.

Planning and Proposals

We are always willing to accompany clients during the planning of their product. We can propose the most appropriate label for you based on our broad knowledge and long experience.


We listen to clients’ requests and comments—not just concerning our labels, but also about their vision for the future in order to understand them as deeply as possible.


We design plans which fit our clients’ needs from three perspectives: indication, function, and bonding. Backed by proprietary technology developed over thirty years, our proposals provide the best solutions for your heat transfer labelling needs.

Trial Production

We make our heat transfer labels precisely following our client’s design. Adhesives are tested using the same fabrics the client will be using.


We carry out testing to measure durability to washing and friction. Our results allow us to determine heat transfer conditions such as temperature, pressure, and time. All of our rigorous testing is carried out using proprietary technology.

Quotes and Ordering


Every production process, from inks/adhesives preparation to performance inspection, is carried out with our proprietary methods and technology.


We prepare all required colors from primary colors in-house, with a capacity to create thousands of colors. We also design and develop proprietary adhesives to suit the product to be marked. We have developed more than 100 types to date.


Each color is printed one by one from a plate to a base sheet to form a design layer. Then after an adhesive layer is printed on top, the product goes through a drying process. Each layer is checked if its thickness is within standard range before being printed.


We begin with a precise inspection of appearance using our proprietary automatic inspection technology. After the heat transfer, performance inspections testing conditions such as washing and tension are carried out. Only labels which pass every inspection are delivered to our client.



We assure clients of our attentive support not only by keeping high traceability but also with our one-base policy, which enables sales staff, technical staff and others to share knowledge and information in Fukui.


Since the heat transfer process is completed at our clients’ factories, we take inquiries from the floor very seriously. Any and all inquiries are welcome. Not only can we help you, but your questions provide precious opportunities for our own learning and the creation of new ideas.

Technical Support

After checking the actual label in-house we visit the client’s factory to check their transferring process. Since our one-base policy enables sales associates and technical staff to share details promptly, we can start the support process from the day of inquiry at the earliest.

Lot Management

Manufacturing records are kept for more than two years after delivery. All information such as production history, the results of performance inspections, and the location of the product itself can be traced immediately from the serial number.