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Explore our heat transfer machines that support your work.

We are not only manufacture and sell heat transfer labels, but also manufacture and sell our original designed transfer machines. By selecting from four models according to the application, we can meet all your needs and support your efficient transcription work.


"TRANS JUMBO" of Polymark is an almighty application machine useful for both large and small labels. This machine can meet with various requests of application for finished garment, one point marking, cut fabric and others.

  • This machine is driven by a noiseless motor.
  • Using a light marker, the position of label can be set correctly and quickly.
  • Application onto finished garment can be processed easily by the use of the raised lower plate holder.
  • Application onto cut fabric can be done easily on the work table.
  • Front panel can be controlled easily by the simple operation of the dials.
  • Temperature controllers with alarm for upper and lower press plates are equipped.
  • Special heater is used for this machine to lessen the temperature distribution difference. Also, the difference of the set temperature and the surface temperature is very small with this heater.
  • Three kinds of lower anvils can be rep laced by one touch system.
Model JP5040A type
Available area 500×400mm
Consumption power 2.2kw
Consumption current 10A (1 phase)
Dimension of the machine W: 530mm, D: 950mm,
H: 750mm
Pressure range from 50 to 1000kgf
Net weight about 150kg
Power source 1 phase 220V

Model T-100 Press

  • This is our own original machine the movement of which is continuous from pre-heat -label transportation- to actual application.
  • The accuracy of transporting label is improved remarkably. The accuracy allowance of transporting label to the position is ±0.5mm.
  • Replacing the option parts, label can be applied onto cut fabric and finished garment effectively.
  • In case the cassette system is used, setting the machine becomes easier and the process efficiency rises highly.
Model T-100 type
Available area 150x210mm
Consumption power 1.4kw
Consumption current 7A
Dimension of the machine W: 370mm, D: 640mm,
Pressure range
Minimum: 80kgf, Maximum: 470kgf
Pressure range
Minimum: 30kgf, Maximum: 190kgf
Net weight About 100kg
Power source Single phase 200V-220V

Pony50 Model Press Machine

  • This is our own original machine which is designed compactly and simply using 100V power source. It is low price than other machines.
  • It has twice area for pressing than S-50 and use available size between small and medium.
  • Upper anvil size: S-50/150x100mm, Pony50/200x150mm
  • Pressure balance is controlled automatically by using springs with a built-in upper anvil.
  • You can install four LED floodlights as optional.
  • Need lower anvil separately.
Model Pony50 type
Available area 200x150mm
Consumption power 700W
Consumption current 7A
Dimension of the machine W: 370mm, D: 415mm,
H: 603mm
Pressure range from 12 to 120kgf
Net weight 30kg
Power source Single phase 220V

S-50 Model Press Machine

  • This is our own original machine which is designed compactly using 1OOV power source. Application work can be done even in a small space by this machine.
  • If you need both heat from upper and lower this machine is very suitable.
  • Replacing the option parts, label can be applied effectively from cut fabric to finished garment.
  • Magnet system is adopted for upper anvil. So it can be replaced easily by one touch.
Model S-50 type
Available area 100x150mm
Consumption power 350W
Consumption current 3.5A
Dimension of the machine W: 280mm, D: 255mm,
H: 671mm
Pressure range from 12 to 120kgf
Net weight about 26kg
Power source Single phase 100V

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