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DWR Transfer

Make Your Brand Stick on DWR Fabric

At Japan Polymark, we are dedicated to making marking technology that works without the use of fluorine, as the industry continues toward PFC-free DWR fabric. With our extensive work blending resins to make our own adhesives, we've made great strides toward perfecting marking technology not just for C6 DWR, but for PFC-free DWR fabric as well. Use our high-quality marking solutions to make sure your brand logo sticks.


Even on the kind of supple fabric used in high-performance sports windbreakers with DWR coating to keep athletes dry and happy, our marking sticks and stays.


Outdoor wear for use in harsh environments relies on C6 DWR processing to keep the water off, but our marking sticks and stays.


Our clients are committed to C6 and PFC-free DWR processing, and as they have changed their production methods, so have we evolved. It's the right thing to do for our marking technology, and for the environment.

Let us know if you're considering using our DWR Transfer technology.
We will test transfers using your materials to ensure ours is the right solution for you.