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EXCALE - Tough

“The longer I wear it, the longer I wanna keep it.”

Clothes are my “tools” to maximize my performance. Without them, I am not complete. The excellent wear resistance of the resin film raises the durability of areas prone to friction. With this film, “lightweight yet tough” is possible.

Covering the sleeves with Excale films improves its antifouling properties.

Covering the areas prone to abrasion with resin film increases its durability.

Covering the sleeves with the film improves its strengths.

Covering areas such as shoulders with film enhances its durability.

Test Data

Tough film and its durability

Abrasion Resistance Test

Taber tests involve mounting a flat test piece to a turntable platform that rotates at a fixed speed. Two genuine abrasive wheels, which are applied at a specific pressure, are lowered onto the rotating specimen surface. To determine the abrasion resistance, we set the exposure of the underlying material as the endpoint of the test and visually observed the damage level.

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